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For almost two decades I was a writer of popular network televsion children and family shows. I wrote cartoons for all the major networks. I also wrote non-cartoon family shows for all the networks, as well as throughout the world. It is always fun producing shows for children. While I wrote all kinds of shows -- adventure, super heros -- my specialty was and still is comedy. When writing for a network I usually had all types of criteria to keep in mind while writing my scripts. Usually they had to have some educational or moral underlying message. It was especially amusing to me when writing He-Man there was usually not an underlying message -- just a bunch of action and adventure. So I really had to scratch my head when He-Man would show up at the end of each episode tauting some closing comment "educationally" related to the episode. For the RowbyVille shows, since I am finally in charge of my own work here, I have one goal: to entertain. No educational message. I figure kids (and the many adults who visit this site) deserve to have a few minutes of pure entertainment in their day. To get a child to laugh is a worthy goal. And that is what I am doing here. While entertaining children and making them laugh is my goal, I am well-aware of my responsibility to keep the humor and content appropriate for youngsters. I am also aware of my responsibility to parents and guardians. I hope you will enjoy my shows as much as the younger audience. I welcome your feedback, suggestions and comments in general. Regards Rowby - See more at:

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