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Ernest Pierce
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Ernest Pierce, a professional model for over ten years relocated to Los Angeles from Chicago, IL. Ernest started working live theater in Chicago and New York for Off-Broad Plays and Musicals, some consisting of FAME, CATS, Westside Story, Something’s Afoot, The Piano Lesson, Jane Eyre and many more.

While working as a model, he started working in film in 2004 with notable credits such as Dance Flick, Home wrecker, Death of a President, Chocolate News and others. Ernest has also produced and directed over four films currently circling the film festival market. Additionally, He was originally introduced Leroy Berry the father of Rachel Berry from hit TV show Glee in the pilot episode.

Ernest currently  is starring in a new television show produced by Larry Kennar entitled DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles). DTLA is a story about a group of friends living in DTLA looking for happiness within the LA society and learning what it means to build friendships with all the added challenges and benefits. Feel free to follow Ernest on twitter and facebook via ernestpierce as screenname.

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