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Malena-smallerMalena Teeves
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In Rowby Comedies "Super Secret Service" Malena Teves plays a Brentwood shopper who is shocked and outraged when she and her precious puppy witnesse Super Secret Servce's Special Agent' Kientz' pants falling down.

Malena is a dramatic 'Colouratura Soprano' with a lot of soul.

She is renowned for her four octave range, as well as her sultry and seductive appearance.   At 15, she won a five state opera competition for her acapella version of "Adele's Laughing Song" from Johann Strauss' Operetta, Die Fledermaus.  Malena is often asked to sing our National Anthem at nationally publicized sporting events, which always brings a true American spirit to the fans on all sides.  Malena's performances are captivating to watch and experience.  Her voice and movements are full of energy and sensuality.   Without fail Malena's soul always pours out as she sings.  Many observers routinely mention her voice is so sultry you can't keep your eyes off her.

Malena's acting career began on Fox when she filmed 13 Nights of Fright with Neil Gaiman. She is different than most beautiful actresses as she wants to look odd and gravitates toward the crazy, deranged and insane characters.

Being beautiful on screen doesn't matter to her in the least, neither does looking a little busty due to her larger than life curvaceous body we all know and love. She is also asked to do voice overs frequently as her voice is sexy AND cute. She does hilarious voices and is brilliant with accents. Malena has a strong personality and is loyal to a fault.  She is everyone's Momma, loving and watching out for the whole crew. We were lucky to have her on our projects.

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