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Rowby Comedies Wanted Poster Super Secret Service

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Rick Jenkins is the Director of Rowby Comedies "Super Secret Service".

Rick has over 18 years in the entertainment industry, starting out as a concert promoter in the late 80's, he put himself through college promoting music acts such as DJ Quik, X-Clan, and NWA. Always having a desire to work in the film and television industry in the mid 90's Rick started one of the first streaming video internet companies, an internet media company featuring short films, documentary's and musical performances of many of the musical acts he worked with in the past.

In 2004 Rick decided to go full time into film production and restructured his company to develop and produce feature films. The company was renamed ScreenMagic Films and to date he has successfully produced and distributed six major titles through companies such as York Entertainment, Image Entertainment and Vivendi/Universal Entertainment. Rick has worked with talented actors such as Miguel Nunez, Gary Sturgis, Fredro Starr, comedian D'Militant and rappers Tha Dogg Pound.

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